The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

I’m gearing up to teach a Publishing 101 for New Authors Workshop on September 24th at an amazing women’s collaborative workspace called The Hivery in Sausalito, CA. Naturally, to prepare for the class, I’m boning up on my reading and while looking back at some of my favorite bookmarked articles, I came across […]

How to Write a Winning Cookbook Proposal

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I love food. I love to cook for my family and friends. I love to talk about food and think about what I’m going to make every night. I love to read books about food and watch films about chefs, and I would gladly give my right arm to just […]

A Defense of Publicists

This article caught my eye on PRDaily. It seems that every week, someone is asking me what a publicist does. My short answer is “a publicist is a connector.” I say this because after 20 years as a book publicist, I find that I do so much more than just pitching or writing press […]

What’s In My Bag? A Book Publicist Reveals All

Not everyone knows what a book publicist does. As you can imagine, most of our days are filled with pitching our clients to the media, but we also have to go on book tours with our authors. So, what would a book publicist need when out on the road with an author? Look inside […]

What to Do Now That Your Book Has Been Published

Congratulations, you’ve been published! This is probably the point where you get the first tangible sense of validation for your efforts. Your book is on Amazon! It’s on the shelves of Barnes & Noble! The cover looks so pretty! What do you do now?

The number one question people will ask after their book […]